Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Svn Repository to the Web App Demostrating OAuth2.0 Protocol Flow

Simple Web App to Demonstrate OAuth2.0 Authorisation Grants

Download the complete web app at ( google code svn repo ):

Deploy the app in a web container and test it on firefox
Start Url :

This brings up a 'Client Registration Page'

Successfull registration returns a page showing the system generated Client Credential like ClientId and Client Key.

Click on the link 'Try out this App.....'
This link will take you on a tour to different Authorisation grant workflow:
  • Authorisation Code grant
  • Implicit grant via a javascript client

Authenticate with following credentials ( at the Authentication End Point Login page ) :
username : nk
password : nk


If Any time you get access Denied message, then see the error message for the cause.

Expiry time of access token = 3 secs

If access denied, then begin again with the start url

Expiry Token Expiration time is currently set to 3 secs.  You can change this value by modifying the vairable 'DEFAULT_TOKEN_EXPIRY_IN_SECS' which resides in java file

Snapshot to the Authetication Login page:


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